My name is Nicole, and I think I might have a problem!

I love doing projects. Sewing, cooking, knitting…building furniture. I think it’s fun. And I think that’s part of why I have such a problem with doing them in small doses. Instead, I tend to jump in with enthusiasm, underestimating the time it will take and overestimating my capacity.

The first time this happened, that I remember, was in the summer during college. We were changing around my room a bit to make it feel more grown-up and had removed some furniture and picked out paint. It was this gorgeous green paint (it still is, but now the room is my mom’s sewing room) and I couldn’t WAIT to have it on the walls. Having not done much painting in the past, I asked my mom how long she thought it would take. She thought maybe 2-3 days between the prep, and putting a couple of coats on. I asked if she was sure it couldn’t be done in 1 day and she said yes, but I thought I’d go get started anyway. The conversation was over an early morning breakfast, so there was a good full day left.

I went downstairs, taped everything (this is before I started painting without tape), prepped the walls, and got ready for paint. Now, it’s a small room, but even prepping for paint is a big job. Maybe I should have taken a break there and gone swimming or something, but instead, I decided to put on the first coat. Then, once the first coat was on, I realized I it needed a second coat, and it needed it now.

I can’t remember the rest of the day, but I can tell you that I finished the whole room that night AND that I had trouble walking and moving for a couple of days. My mom still mentions it anytime she thinks I’m about to go crazy and do too much of something.

And yet…I am pretty sure I haven’t learned my lesson! Just Saturday, I woke up after being sick the day before, and thought, a whole day with no plans until dinnertime! What should I do?! And that was when I decided to build furniture and make cheese. So I went to the store to get milk and spent a couple hours making mozzarella and trying ricotta (definitely not as fool proof as it’s made to seem). THEN I broke out my drill and started going to town on furniture. I WAS careful to drink water the whole time and take breaks for food, but at the end of the day, I was barely walking, and I had built a bunch of furniture.

And even though I’m tired and sore the next day, I woke up and thought…I should go to the hardware store to pick up some of those items I needed to finish that project…